I’ve been using the services of Eric and Lionel for many years. They were recommended by a good friend and I have recommended them to other friends too. From my old house to my business, Eric and Lionel have always served me professionally. So naturally, when I bought a new house, I approached Lionel again and this time, they have started T&T Design Artisan.

Initially, I was hesitant because they just started a new business entity. Will I be able to get the same quality services like before? But after chatting with Lionel and getting his quote and advise, I realized what I really needed was someone who would listen to my needs and especially try his best to satisfy them, not only with professionalism, sincerity but also with urgency. And Lionel is that perfect ID!

Lionel never fails to answer my calls or text and he is extremely responsive, even to the slightest nitty-gritty of demands that I have. And with my demands, he would do his best to help me. I am thoroughly impressed.

Now that my house is almost done, I have to praise him for his speedy response, quick thinking to solutions and his willingness to listen to my needs. He also never imposed his own ideas and suggestions on me, that may be better suited to his business needs, like other IDs that I have come across.