Dear Inside Living Interior Design, We are proud owners of Teban Garden 4-room HDB unit. We came to know this company through renovations forum. We contacted Inside living from Taipei (job posting to Taiwan), a lady called Ms. Shermin answered our phone call, upon understanding our situation that we are located oversea, she tried her best to laise with us through WhatsApp for 2 weeks discussion about our budget and requirement . She is very responsive in answering our questions. Prior signing contract with Inside living upon returning to Singapore, we went to visit 3 interior designer sites (including Inside Living) to see their workmanship. Inside Living have the best workmanship and hence we decided to hand our house over to them. Ms.Shermin have excellent design creativity and concept for our small house area, drawing and suggesting us different layout we could have for our master bedroom. Upon signing contract, we selected out table top material, wardrobe laminates, wall paints Color and PD door on the same day, saving our journey time. Prior visiting Inside Living partners, we went around to get some quotations so we can compare the service and price. We came to know that all Inside Living have the best price quote and met our budget and design. Harfary (Floor tiles) There are plenty of tiles to select in the showroom and sales person service is very good as well. Twin city( Air conditioner) Price quoted is slightly higher than the price(~$25) I got from Gain city, we ended up choosing her partner is mainly for her easier management for the project timeline. During the site meeting, the boss suggested which area is the most suitable to install the aircon due to Hdb layout plan, I’m impressed with the boss for the careness bu suggesting us to put the aircon sideway instead in front of us . The boss is saying we will get dry throat and uncomfortable with cold air blowing on our face. MGL ( Curtains) Upon arrival after signing contract without having our lunch, the lady boss is very thoughful, quickly get her workers to buy us some toasted breads nearby to feed our hunger. Her knowledge on fabric materials is superb, they have blackout curtains to any degree of sunlight blockage available. Understanding we have kids at home, she offered to us additional cushion free of charges (2 for each pair of curtain). Upon installation one of our roller blind , it shown some black fingerprint, and was exchanged back to us within a week of replacement. Excellent service recommended. Vlux (lighting) Selection from budget to high end lighting is available. Salesman is quick and response fast on my questions. Best of all, all my lighting is under 2 years full warrantee , which means we just need to ring them up if any damage or not working, they will send technician over to fix them free of charge, no transport charges at all , thumb up Wasser bath (bathroom accessories, sink, wash basin, water heater, oven) Sales lady immediately show us the wash basin and sink upon hearing our requirement on our limited dimension. She asked we need any electronic items and I left a Bosch oven and Joven storage heater, she quickly ring up her supplier and managed to get the price we wanted and it really save my time to buy from the original supplier myself . All bathroom accessories is all displayed on the wall and you get to feel the quality of the accessories , it’s heavy when you lifted it up. Carpenter (Ah Guang team) Workmanship is excellent, plywood is used for almost all carpentry work. Touch up on joint lines is provided and they clean all wardrobes and cabinets during their last day on site, all cleaned without any wood dusts, scratches, or stains , really saved a lot of my time cleaning them up. Plumper Upon installation of our washing machine, We test run the machine at 9pm after settling our daughter to bed. My neighbour downstair came up and complained that the water leak all over their service yard and I immediately ring up Ms. Shermin regarding the matter, she inmediately get her plumper to resolve this leakage the next day morning. It’s purely due to us for not using the water drainage pipe for nearly four years due to us posted oversea. Hdb pipe could not hold the pressure or force from the new washing machine for the first time and thus causing the leakage. Tiler (Hai Chao) Flooring is done up nicely with final touch up on the floor gaps with white cement. There is no cracks tiles but just with some fine scratches which I personally feel that is normal . Painter Left over paints was given to us , to touch up any stains that happen during furniture move in, etc Mirror/ glass door Frosted glass panel and door is excellent quality, workman is excellent especially installation of my floor spring kitchen swing glass door, drilling and cuting of my floor tile left no damages , meaning save our cost on 3D drawing be actual completed project looks 95% identical