As new homeowners, we are glad that we have engaged Garrett from Authors Interior & Styling as our interior designer. Upon the first meeting with him, we instantly liked how meticulous and patient he is. Throughout the entire renovation journey, he has communicated every step of the way and believes that service is of paramount importance.

He possesses the skill in design and is able to propose functional solutions to our dilemmas. With his remarkable eye for colours and styles, our shopping trips were enjoyable without having to feel overwhelmed with selections.

Despite the prevailing COVID’19 situation, our home was delivered on schedule. All thanks to Garrett’s tight coordination with his contractors and deliveries across different vendors.

It is expected that there will be post-renovation defects, but what we had was really minor and what is more important is the ability to resolve them expeditiously. We are amazed by the service delivered and were surprised to see Garrett went hands-on to ensure that everything were in place.
Job well done Garrett! Thank you!