As promised, my 5 Room HDB was ready before CNY! Thank you KHIM and KEITH from Jialux Interior. I was recommended by my auntie to engage Jialux for the renovation work. As this is my first time doing the renovation, plus I am someone lazy to think and know nothing about the renovation. I am so lucky to meet designer KHIM and KEITH who always patience and take time to explain and share with us what can be done and what cannot be done.

Their customer service skills are highly commendable because every single time when I have some question pertaining to the renovation or outside renovation. They will always be there to lend a helping hand. They even entertain my phone call or WhatsApp query during their off day, night time and public holiday.

The materials look to be of good quality. The workmanship was good. I can’t remember any major hiccups so it was considered a smooth and pleasant journey. They are responsive, committed and will make sure everything is done up with without having us to worry. Hence I would highly recommend homeowners to Jialux interior and engage KHIM and KEITH as their ID.

Thank you notes from Tan family (CCK)