Working with Denise to build our lovely home has been a smooth and pleasant ride. Without a doubt, Denise is always there, available to answer our queries (sometimes in the middle of the night, sorry!), giving us practical suggestions, accommodating and patient.

The one thing I particularly appreciate about Denise is that she does not over-promise. If an idea/want cannot be executed, she will be upfront about it. However, she will give useful suggestions which allow us to achieve the same outcome, using different methods we didn’t think of.

We are very glad to have Denise as our ID. When we get our second home in the future, we will gladly engage her again.

P.S: Out of the 10 ID we shortlisted and met, Denise was the ONLY ID who could draw “upside down” in the homeowners’ POV. THAT, to me, is VERY impressive.