Sheng Lee was the interior ID that was highly recommended to me by more than 3 colleagues (whom engaged Sheng Lee for his service as well) and I’ve got nothing but praises for him, for his dedication on the on-site work, attentiveness on the details, thoughtful advice on home safety, prompt response on queries, patience on the demand, and most importantly the follow through on the house reno. We engaged him in the year 2018, and we were not the easiest owner who will settle for good, we have high expectation on our first home and we want our home to be outstanding. Sheng Lee heard and understood our needs, wants and he tried to offer his best. He makes sure to justify our needs, and maybe fulfilling some ridiculous wants and yet kept it under the budget. He delivers what he promised.

Even after the one year warranty, when we seek for his help with the house, he is as attentive as ever. The excellent service rendered is an assurance of his dedication to his work to make sure the house owner’s dream home made possible.

Thank you Sheng Lee for the help with the broken glass screen in the toilet! It was shattered a few days ago, and he feared for the safety of the young kids at home, he arranged for the contractor to come over to take a look and clean up the shattered glass on the same day and had the glass screen changed the day after. I appreciate the prompt response and concern!