Nightmare. I rarely give bad reviews but we had an terrible renovation experience with ID Jinling. She had threatened us that she will recalculate the signed quotation to increase the price of every section and re-charge us again, because we kept asking her contractors to come rectify issues for our house and claimed she has previously given us many discounts.

Are we asking for too much when we insist her contractors to do the rectification properly since some areas are not done properly or not even rectified? Is this legal to recalculate on a signed quotation? Should I go up to CASE on this matter?

Homeowners please beware, if you annoy her too much to rectify your house properly before handover, she may just pull this move on you. Is this the kind of person that you hire Project Guru? Are we homeowners not tired or frustrated when rectification are not done as promised? I have delayed bed frames installation twice and marblegum flooring touch-up services because of incomplete rectification works. Would this had happened if she oversee this project well?

Because ID Jinling has miscalculated our kitchen height and measurements wrongly, so we used that against her to ask her to change the whole kitchen since she wants to threaten us in revising signed quotation. In the end she didn’t revise the quotation since she said our kitchen carpentry which was worth 13k was too expensive for them to replace, and only gave us $200 discount over her miscalculation error.

1) She miscalculated our kitchen height.
During countertop installation, she asked if we want to increase the kitchen height again which she claimed we told her we want Single Profile, but we have proof that it was a lie, which she then admitted she didn’t communicate to Bellus staff that our countertop is Double Profile, hence affecting the kitchen height again for the second time from 89.3cm to 91.5cm if they were to add in countertop and an additional 1.2cm plank.

We then had to give up the option of opening the kitchen doors and drawers from the top 45 degree angle as we didn’t want our kitchen height to be 91.5cm this high as no kitchen height should be this tall, it would be very uncomfortable to use. We also couldn’t see the expensive black Fenix laminate backing since the Double Profile will cover over it due to this miscalculation.

2) 18th Feb: After kitchen base was laid, we checked and discovered the width of the kitchen island base was “500mm” instead of 600mm as the width of the cabinet was 650mm. It was short of 10cm.

3) We checked and discovered the depth of our kitchen island countertop was only 85.5cm which was shorter by 4.5cm, although our quotation stated 90cm. She said she mentioned it to me via WhatsApp message but I can’t find evidence of it. She then explained the depth of the quartz is 90cm so have to deduct off two sides of double profile which the depth for kitchen island is only 85.5cm. But I was charged for a 90cm depth in the quotation. So how is this fair to us homeowners or professional?

My husband and I took many annual leaves from our work to oversee the renovation as she is rarely there, not what was promised to us before we signed the contract with her. She has also cancelled on us although she had promised to oversee the renovation.

Yes, there are always two sides to the story but I have full evidences of WhatsApp photos, videos, text and voice messages of bad workmanship, unprofessional service and incompetence from Jinling. I am open to share and have nothing to hide or lie about this. I know no renovation are perfect but this journey was painful and terrible for us. Quality of work in both carpentry and flooring seems to be substandard for our home. No confidence in their two years warranty.

If possible, please assign someone else to take charge over our house renovation warranty period. We no longer have any mental capacity to continue working with someone who has threatened us. Thank you.