Renovation of Master Bedroom toilet only. T & T Artisan was recommended by a relative who had their kitchen renovated by them. It is a pleasure working with Ms Zynn Kwok as she was very patient, receptive, effective, efficient, understanding and responsible in her work. She was very adaptable to our many requests and was able to meet our demands accordingly. She worked hard to meet our requests and gives suitable proposals and recommendations. In areas that needed change and rectifications that was beyond her authority, she was able to communicate and escalate to a higher authority to solve the problem most amicably. Although our renovation is a small job, I must comment that Ms Kwok and Eric of T & T Artisan gave us their utmost attention be it our request or rectifications. Their workmanship is exemplary and they are able to fulfil the job on time and within our budget. I will engage T & T Design for future renovation or building works and highly recommend them to friends or relatives. Their expertise is undeniable.