We’ve moved in to our BTO for 2 weeks and couldn’t be happier with everything.. the after sales care and service is excellent as well, from touching up of the wall paint, to replacing our scratched vinyl tiles from the movers, correcting a slight defect in our master bathroom door, all the way to getting someone to clear the debris under the kitchen sink for us. The entire engagement has been a breeze from the design stage and renovation through to handover and we’re very happy to have you as our ID.

You have been professional, meticulous, very detailed, patient, accommodating and have always delivered when you said you will. You show up on time for meetings, are responsive and responsible too, and will always respect our decisions and preferences without imposing anything on us.

Being first-time homeowners, we were naturally stressed out initially with all the options and choices in the market.. So many IDs and so many design firms… who should we choose? However I can say we are definitely very glad to have chosen FSI and to have had Yong Ping as our designer.

We were impressed from our first meeting as we were briefed on the entire process from engagement to handover and it gave us a very good idea of the timeline and processes so we can be mentally prepared. Best of all, FSI was able to work with and accommodate our budget without compromising on quality or their delivery.

I remember many late night phone calls, exchanges and even meetings (due to our busy work schedule, we usually only can spend time discussing home reno details at night) where Yong Ping will be patiently listening to our requests, comments, complaints, ideas, etc. while giving her input too. It helped that she is passionate and enthusiastic and was always positive in her attitude.

Yong Ping even personally spent hours with us one Saturday afternoon, painstakingly sticking on little squares for a customized tetris decal design on our bedroom wardrobe doors. This took up an entire afternoon (easily 5 to 6 hours) and was a very tedious and manual activity. Which ID will do this with you out of their own time? We were very touched by the effort and by her going the extra mile for us.

We appreciate the little touches, attention to detail and excellent customer service provided by Yong Ping and her team and it truly made the entire renovation process a smooth sailing one. We were comfortable and felt very safe to leave our home in her hands.

All in all, we had an excellent experience with FSI and would highly recommend speaking to them for any requirements you may have, be it home or office, and you should definitely engage Yong Ping as you won’t be disappointed!