Phoebus from Next Door ID was the person in charge for handling the renovation of my BTO. Throughout the whole process, he was very prompt in replying to my queries, and also quick to post updates of the renovation. I have chosen nextdoor ID after meeting with ten IDs. The reason is that of their price is reasonable given the services rendered. I was looking for an ID that can be a project manager and is able to ensure the workmanship is of a certain standard. In terms of ability to come up with fantastic designs, it was not high on my priority of evaluation as my wife and I know the overall design that we want. Over the course of negotiation and the renovation, Phoebus is very objective by sharing on what layout or materials will make sense for our living lifestyle. The workmanship of the renovation is also one of the better ones out there. In terms of coming up with designs, there is room for improvements. But like I said, my wife and I know what we want so it is fine with us. Overall I am happy with the renovation and would recommend Phoebus.