Edward comes across as a very pleasant, professional and responsible interior designer to deal with. When I first met Him, I was impressed by the level of details in the designing idea he was offering, even though the meeting was just for us to obtain a quotation from him.

His on-spot free-hand drawing was so vivid that we immediately decided that this was what we want our living room to look like after the renovation. During the renovation process, even though with many ongoing projects on hand,

Edward was able to entertain almost all of our requests and was very patient in dealing with all of my queries, despite some of my queries sounded harsh and unreasonable. He and his partner were on good term with his tilers, electrician, plumber and carpenter, and everyone devoted themselves towards achieving the various milestones in the project.

Of every aspect of the renovation project, we were particularly impressed with the early delivery of carpentry work, which gave us more time to air out the glue smells. After renovation, Edward remained as a pleasant helping hand by entertaining our requests on time. I would recommend Edward and his team to anyone that needs a comprehensive renovation package, and I’m sure he, together with team, is able to deliver a beautiful home of your dream on time.