Thousands of thanks to our ID Tues Teh, if you are looking for a reliable and hasslefree, trustable one, you have got to look for him. Through the entire process, we need not worry about hiccups nor any liaising as he will be There to settle everything for you nicely. As a working adult, it’s always hard to juggle between work and handling your reno, but in such events I was lucky to have a reliable ID who follows up every single thing, creating my nest just like it’s his own, going to the extra mile to even factor in space restrictions as BTO are rather small nowadays, he would not thrash your dream but would change to the other concept to make it happen. Now, I am ready to be staying in my nest comfortably, and most importantly, after-sales service is still rendered upon handing over! Thank you Tues for the hard work and making my dream house come through ☺️ I would definitely give you x1000000 likes!