We had a very satisfying and pleasant experience with our ID, Tues Teh. We met up with 7 different IDs inclusive Tues, his quotation was not the “cheapest” but definitely one worth to pay for. I remembered vividly, during our first meet up, my husband only mentioned to him casually, that I preferred our home to be bright yet with a cosy feel, he’s attentive and remembered even though we only confirmed with him 2-3 weeks later.

Due to our hectic working schedules, we were unable to check or visit our house during the whole reno journey, yes, not even once, meaning to say, from design to actual work and even furniture arrangements, Tues handled efficiently with his team with a prompt handover. He never once complain or grumbled when he had to carry the big heavy bags of samplings for us to choose or decide in our office.

Every single milestone, without fail, he will update us with the ongoing progress and videos. He even sends us a project timeline detailing down to which date, which day, what work will be done. With him around, we feel very secure, knowing that Tues will rectify every hiccups and issue swiftly and promptly.

The end product was perfect – a dream house we longed for, and everything such as electrical, carpentry, painting, plumbing, flooring, tiling were in absolute good quality and workmanship. Even after the renovation, he would text us periodically to check if all were good and would arrange for his team to come by or personally to address any minor issues we reported.

Tues Teh – someone we would strongly recommend to anyone looking to renovate their dream home. Last but not least, thank you I-Chapter for matching Tues with us. Looking forward to working with your company and Tues again.