We went through the same motion like everyone searching for an ID for our new house. We went through a lot of websites till we came upon one of the renovations which coincidentally belongs to my friend. By getting the number from him, we make an appointment to meet up with the ID.

During the meeting, we thought we were meeting one ID but it turns out to be two. Roger and Jacky met up with us and asked what type of design we want for our renovation. We told them that we want something close to a luxury hotel style and uniformity for the whole house. Both of them listen patiently and proposed to us their recommendation on how the house should be done.

After a week, Jacky set up a WhatsApp group and send back the 2D design for us to go through. Another week, he sends us the 3D design. We were pleased with the 3D design and we are on the way to start our renovation.

Throughout the renovation, Jacky will update us the progress from the start to the end of each day. When there were any changes to the design, he will always listen to us and make the necessary changes to suit our ideas.

To put up the geometric wallpaper for the whole house was a challenge for us. We trusted Jacky judgment and go ahead with it and it turned out beautifully above what we expected.

Overall, we are happy with the renovation and highly recommend Jacky from Flo Design.