My wife and I were introduced to Space Define by a friend and we decided to make a trip to Joo Chiat (Space Define’s previous location) to have a look. And by chance, Geo was assigned to our project. Geo proved to be a good choice for us 🙂

Right from the start of the project, Geo was polite, very good-tempered, and prompt with his responses. In terms of the design of the house, he always tried his best to meet our expectations while not forgetting to infuse practicality into the designs. He is very experienced and gave good advice in terms of the design of the house.

During the renovation of the house, Geo displayed good project management skills, linking up with various parties (painters, carpenters, electricians, plumber etc) to ensure every step of the renovation process was on schedule.

Geo also has very good technical knowledge. Throughout the whole renovation process, Geo was able to explain to us clearly the technical aspects of the renovation process, such as: wiring, air-con piping, lighting arrangements, tiling etc. He also provided us with good contacts for things like: aluminum grille, storeroom metal rack, curtains and blinds.

Overall, we are very satisfied with Geo’s service. Renovation was completed on time and the final product is of very good quality. We would highly recommend Geo to other customers of Space Define.