I got to know my Reno diary through a friend and after enquiring several IDs at other places I’ve decided to take up the proposal by the ID in my Reno diary.

My ID Lex is super flexible, sincere, patient and steady. His initial proposal and presentation have gained my confidence to let him totally design and suggest my unit’s theme and colours.
After works started, if there are any hiccups along the way, you just need to inform him once and he’ll settle everything for you. He will every time follow-up and update you when you inform him of any defects etc.
And when there are times I’m unable to decide something, he’ll suggest and advise you along the way and explain why every single time without fail.
He is so steady that he personally brought us to get our toilet and kitchen accessories from other places.

My overall journey during this whole project was very stress-free as he’s very pleasant to work with. I’ve no problem recommending him to anyone in a snap.

I sincerely Thank you for your countless effort you put into this project, Lex. It was your sincerity that made me choose you over other IDs and I’m very grateful to you for not making me regret choosing my Reno diary a single bit. Overall I’m very pleased with my journey with you.