With their years of experience and a can-do attitude, going to FSI and Leon was an easy choice. To know our preferences, Leon arranged for multiple meetings to understand about some of our preferences and its helpful to know that he is always getting my wife to speak up as she can be soft-spoken at times.

We were rushing to move in before the holidays and Leon worked closely with the worksmen to ensure we are on time and gives us regular updates on the status is reassuring.

We wanted a designed wall and Leon recommended a rugged plaster wall. We were initially worried if it turns out of being too contrasting to our overall design but the finishing on the designed wall despite the rugged feel is actually cleanly done. It added more character to our home and we are grateful that Leon assures and convince us it will turn out great.

The overall budget was kept within expected limits despite some minor reworks on paints and positions on lights and power points. All in all, we are pleased with the works and regularly appraised to know we are in good hands.