We have moved into our new home since Jan 2020 and are highly satisfied with the stylish comfort and functionality of our house designed and constructed by Designscale.

The incredible professionalism, rich experience and expertise of our ID – Andy – shines through in all stages of the interior design process. He took time to understand our requirements in detail; creatively overcame our space constraints, and crafted ample storage space even in the absence of a storeroom.

There wasn’t any need for us to amend the design concept that Andy presented – He had intuitively and skilfully tailored the spatial design to suit our tastes and needs. The entire construction process was well executed with excellent workmanship and did not require any supervision on our part.

We highly recommend Andy and his team at Designscale if you’re looking for reliable and hassle-free interior design and renovation that is truly value for money. 🤩😄👍