Aside from aesthetics and the overall attraction of high ceilings, it also presented a great challenge while trying to come up with design ideas for my recently acquired landed residence, the abundance of wall area it presented, that requires creative thinking.
The time-consuming part of your home renovation is usually the design phase, because this is the part where you conduct in-depth research, and weigh the different designs based on your personality, budget, lifestyle, and the functionality you need the most. However, my Interior Designer was very patience to entertain our forever changing mind.
As much as you want your interior design to be up to date, one needs to be careful not to try and blend too many trends into your home. The key is to consider your interior design choices based on your personal needs, lifestyle, and budget.

In the end, the Interior Designer came up with a bold “Atas” design, complimented lots of display options, plenty of concealed storage that fits our household as we tend to have many stuffs. Although the whole course of renovation took 8 weeks which was quite swift, the quality of the work was good especially the carpentry.