After going around looking for different IDs, we met Tayllen And set an appointment After the first appointment ended, we knew we wanted to carry on with her.

Tayllen was accommodating and was not pushy at all. She listened and gave us honest opinions on whether our ideas were feasible.
Every time my wife and I ran into issues or had questions, We would ask Tayllen and despite her busy schedule, she would reply to us promptly.
She made us feel very comfortable as well. we could talk to her like how we talk to our friends.

What impressed us the most is that our house turned out to be very similar to what was shown in the 3D drawings. (We read plenty of horror stories online on how the 3D drawings and the actual design are very different)

We also read plenty of horror stories online about other interior designers and thank God, Tayllen was not like them.

You know you have made the right choice when every time you step into your home, you feel happy and have no regrets.

Thanks once again for making our home awesome!