I wanted to modernize my 5 room HDB point block. The renovations included re-tiling, re-wiring, changing toilet configurations, complete kitchen overhaul, living room improvement and re-painting and floor polishing. And I have done tons of research before starting the project so before I met up with the ID’s I have a list of my wants and expectations; must look beautiful and functional plus senior citizen friendly. I was also very clear during the entire time of renovation, we will be out of the country and therefore the selected ID will be fully responsible for the project until handover.

I met up with 4 designers and Ovon Design quote was not the lowest but ID Kate Sitachon stands out as she is patient, listens well and more importantly took my requirement as a priority instead of imposing her design but subsequently give suggestions or alternatives for improvement.

While we were away for the 10 weeks, Kate updates me with photos of the progress and we communicate regularly for any challenges that arise especially with alignment to HDB rules & regulations where design have to be modified to adhere to the HDB regulation but all turn out well. I have a beautiful and yet functional kitchen and modern toilets/bathroom that serve our purpose. After the Reno is like condo living in an HDB block.

Kate is professional, honest helpful and a joyful person; Kate looks into every detail and she will go the extra mile and it is such a joy to work and I will recommend her to anyone.