We would like to thank Benjamin for being our ID and renovated our 17 years old apartment. As usual, there were unforeseen circumstances during renovation eg. the workers did not clear away all the glass pieces after hacking of shower screen and therefore caused some scratch marks on my old bathroom flooring (we did not redo the bathroom flooring). Workers did not close windows and rainwater seepage onto the wooden bay window. We were fortunate to have Benjamin, he was responsible and help us replaced the top layer of the wooden bay window. As for the flooring, too bad, can’t polish so the scratch marks remain.

Benjamin is a very hands-on ID. The cleaners did not clean properly after renovation. They just spray water into the bathroom and cabinets. Benjamin was the one who cleans dry every corner. He even cleans the kitchen windows which the cleaners left out. I was very touched by his action. The carpenter, Mr. Zhong whom Benjamin engaged to build our kitchen cabinet was very quick and neat in his work too. I have a last-minute request for wardrobe and Mr. Zhong was able to deliver on time for my move in. The polishing of our floor was done perfectly well, as good as new.

During the course of renovation, Benjamin was always there to listen to our complaints, our requests, our arguments. He has plenty of patience and very resourceful. Even helping us with minor repairs post-handover. He always answers our calls and response within 24 hrs (but don’t call him after 9 pm, he needs to rest). We have spoken to a few IDs before deciding on Benjamin as we like his down to earth design and suggestions. He is a great ID and friend.