I would like to give a BIG COMPLIMENT to my ID Ivan Ong. He had given me a sense of trust, responsibility & passion in his job.

Ivan is always so patient & always re-assuring me that the issues that pop up during the renovation period can be resolved & YES, he has kept to his promises to get everything resolved.

There are also quite a few times whereby he had gone the extra mile to help me worked on things that are not part of his job due to my busy work schedule.

After service was good too as I have so small issue which I find would be better if we were to amend Some carpentry work & without hesitation.

Ivan arranges his schedule with the workers to get things done for me ASAP as I was about to move in.

I would say there is totally no complaint or fault I can find in Ivan services & his passion for trying his best to deliver his customer satisfaction.

And the most important thing throughout the whole renovation journey is that price quoted was reasonable & no hidden cost was involved at all.

Last but not least, I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND those reading this review to enquiry with my ID IVAN ONG on our home renovation.
Anyway, no harm enquiring another ID & he might give u the COSY DREAM HOME SWEET HOME that u wanted.