We tried out renonation mainly because we wanted to try our luck with an ID after getting design ideas that didn’t really appeal to us from main contractors. It turned out to be apleasant surprise and it had been an even better 2 months journey with Ace Space Design. After browsing through the many responses through renonation, it was Ace Space Design portfolio that felt just right with us and the follow up with Janice and Evan (sadly he had to leave the project halfway through) was really a personal touch that we sought after in building our home. We didn’t have a good idea of what we wanted but we were sure of what we didn’t want. Hence the design went from bold and daring to simple and elegant to finally warm and welcoming. We also put up quite a bit of challenge to Janice during this process with the back and forth of the design ideas and living space ideas. Our relationship with the ID team went from a cordial one to that of a partnership and friendship type that really encouraged a wondrous chemistry in arriving at decisions that seemed small but large on impact on the comfort of our living eventually. In addition, the workmanship ranging from tiling, carpentry, electrical and painting of the house was splendid. Special mention to Janice, our ID who had worked tirelessly to coordinate the furniture, household appliances and giving ideas to our selection of our furniture, and also responding promptly to our queries even late into the night and when she was supposed to be enjoying her holidays speak a lot about her sense of responsibility and dedication. Even after handover, she continued to follow up with us on the minor defects where were rectified promptly. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ace Space Design and especially Janice for making our house, a home to call our own.