Barry took up the project and we proceed carefully.
He listens attentively to what we aspire the home to be and gave suggestions along our ideas. Barry is mindful of the cost and recommends practical solutions. He has an eye for color scheme, material and lighting designs that harmonizes all together. The space planning is good too- hidden storage, repurposed a “dead” area into a show piece, etc. Overall, we are very happy to have Barry to design a functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces in our home.

Barry also shares freely on how to DIY certain little fixes as well as going beyond the scope to assist us in some fixes. He is more like a friend that we can trust and depend on to have an open honest discussion on home renovation. He is as proud as us when the project completed beautifully and most importantly on-time during the COVID pandemic period.

Thank you, Barry. We not only get a dream home, but we also gain a friend along the way.