Like all first time homeowner, we have millions of “wants” for our new home. Yang Hann listened attentively and selflessly shared with us his ideas. What amazed us was – he translated all our wants into the design plan.

Kudos to him because we wanted something out of the norm. Some IDs we contacted earlier actually brush off our not so practical idea. Yang Hann managed our expectations and induced small details to make it practical for us. He did more than what we asked for. Impressed and in awe each time he threw in new ideas. He didn’t change what we wanted but injected booster to make everything perfect.

Our reno journey was not all smooth sailing but Yang Hann was always there to reassure us, guide us and help us from liaising to even cleaning. He was there to solve every hiccup. He is detailed, attentive and committed. We can’t ask for more. It’s a blessing to meet such passionate ID and we are grateful for all the hard work. Thank you for making our reno journey an enjoyable one.