Initially we didn’t really want to spend much on renovation and all we wanted was only a feature wall for our living room. Our peers recommended Edward and we decided to give him a call. We must say that he is really patient as we are both indecisive and doesn’t know what we want. We were both impressed with the design upon seeing the 3D rendering and my wife couldn’t contain her excitement. It’s as though he can read our minds. As we have a tight schedule to adhere to stick to we ask Edward if he could expedite the renovation process. He gave us the assurance that the completion date will be able to meet our timeline by providing regular updates on the renovation progress. Due to our indecisiveness, we made several changes during the process, he still try his best to accede to our request. Needless to say, we were extremely delighted with the finished product and would highly recommend Archer to anyone who’s looking for reliable and innovative interior design.