Hi! Our house was beautifully designed and renovated by Clarence Lee from 96 Designers Group. He understood the vision for our new home really well and gave alot of pointers and guided us through the home improvements we could put together. Our renovation was completed within 3 months but most of the works were done within the first 2 months when we had to move in, which was considered record breaking achievement considering the challenges the industry faced post-circuit breaker. Communication is transparent and fuss-free. While Clarence is easygoing with us, he is also very knowledgeable and able to provide solutions fast and effectively when we there were problems and hiccups along the way – which is very reassuring for us as we had a tight deadline and he is always working around our schedule to get things done asap.

We (and our family and friends) love the look our our house. The workmanship is really good. While our theme is scandi and kept to a minimum, Clarence still manage to fine-tune certain parts of the house to makes it stand out yet put together perfectly – like the choices he picked out for our entrance walkway and balcony tiles. He is very experienced in his line of work and has great taste, working out the designs and layout to fit our family’s vision and lifestyle which is super great and thoughtful.

Thank you for your patience and hardwork put into our home sweet home! We appreciate it very much! We’ll recommend you to all our friends and family. Fantastic and great work, Clarence!