Wow Tab Gallery, We had hearsay and went through a lot of reviews for different Reno companies, while considering whether to go ahead with renovation for our house. Went to a number of ID firms, direct Contractor etc. when it starts to pop up in Facebook (FB), a couple of the well-known ones, at first we did not have a budget to begin with. A basic package already set us back min 40 粒。。Excluding our dream and add-ons and GST.. It’s between the reliable ones and half-past six… Those who did Reno before knows every add-on and CM costs SGD or risk of the company go

Then we came to Tab Gallery, Michael and Daniel Lok are our contact person, nevertheless, started off the same topic as the others we visited (boring and tiring). Then came the important point, “what is your budget, we will work with and around it”, they mentioned and promised to work with our budget and create our “requested” dream house. Any normal person will be sceptical… 有影吗??Normal Singaporean, of course, need to negotiate la. Too good to be true and we spend months to consider, comparing before coming back to them. 
It may be ex or not depending on individuals’ budget (We found proposed worth it, with Consultation, Service, Advice and Accommodating), but the service that they provided, definitely not 100%, We‘ll be honest (never 100% unless you do yourself), but they made sure it is done properly till date Feb 19 when we are writing this review although we have taken over the house before CNY 2019.

Our Defects and complaints were taken care of. Which Firm can promise this, maybe a lot but we have dealt with Tab Gallery and it is proven.
Here we are in our Dream home writing this review, true or not it’s up to individuals, we experienced it and we share it.