I signed with Dave as he was an acquaintance, and from my previous engagements with him, he seemed like an honest and very straightforward fella.
My husband and I didn’t bother to check out other ID and compare prices as we fully trust Dave with our home.
We believe that every cent spend equates to the quality we will receive and we were right in every aspect.
Dave was forthcoming about what will or will not work and would advise accordingly. Our home went heavy with the carpentry, but Dave and his team executed everything to our expectations.
The alcove bed we made was one tough job and was one we highly feared wouldn’t make it but the results were stunning, and everyone praised it to the likes of Hotel Pickering standard.
Of course, no reno journey is smooth sailing, but Dave managed to resolve every problem that surface.
Dave was also one of the few ID I know (according to experiences with friends) that adhered closely to his timeline and I was not disappointed nor delayed.
We have been staying in our flat for 2 months now and everything is great. Dave knew of a light that burst recently (cheap TB light) and offered to have his contractor to come down and replace for us.
Dave is prompt in his after the sale as well, so we highly recommend Dave for an ease of mind for before, during, and after your reno journey.

We are honestly glad we engaged Dave as there were no major issues at all during the reno and Dave resolved minor issues quickly as well.

Would highly recommend Dave and his team. His carpenters really have good work!