We are blessed to have gotten Victor Ho as our ID for our second home. We bought a resale flat in Bedok which was 41 years old. The condition was something you would expect in the 1970s-1980s. Terrazzo flooring, old wooden carpentry and dull colours. We were expecting a complete overhaul and makeover and boy were we not disappointed.

Victor met us numerous times to discuss the design and ideas. I must say, my wife and I didn’t give him the easiest time as homeowners because we were both stressed about many situations and things that we going through and some of this angst and frustration overflowed to him. However, he had always kept a cool and collected image and brought us through this journey together.

We saw first hand how our house had transformed into a beautiful and cosy home for us to raise 2 beautiful children of ours. We have zero regrets ever getting Victor Ho as our ID because he consistently gave us updates and progress reports as the renovation was ongoing. I highly recommend anyone who needs an ID to find Victor.