When I first met Leon, who is my ID of Ovon Design through a friend’s recommendation, I find him rather shy and cool. After our several meeting discussions, I then find him very approachable and his willingness to help me made me change my impression of a better him. During the renovation period, there was some miscommunication with his contractors and some of the carpentry works went wrong. He immediately rectifies the issues and assisted me to resolve them. Most of the time during the renovation period, I was left hassle-free as Leon would personally assist to oversee. Even though whenever he was not available to oversee things, he will still send his assistant to be at the site. Leon is a reliable ID whom anyone can leave the renovation works to him at their ease of mind. Nevertheless, after the renovation works have been completed, he will still pay me a visit to check if apparently everything is in order. I would fully recommend Ovon Design for their reliability and credibility to deliver whatever they have initially proposed.