I don’t usually write reviews for services but I would like to make it Exceptionally for Mr. Jerry Leow.

* Excellence – The Communication & Service is sibei tokong. He’s like the worm in my tummy; Nails it before I even say it.

* Entrusting – When we were in Japan for 2 weeks, we don’t even have to worry a single bit about the reno.

* Excitement – Jerry is always more excited than us. Constantly sending us the updates of the renovation progresses.

* Experience – 9 years (no need to say too much lah)

* Exclusively – Out of good will, he drove us to around to shop for furniture on several occasions.

* Expensive – That’s the feeling after we took over from Jerry. We walked in with our mouths widely opened and immediately we U-turn. (as we forget to remove our shoes).

We walked really slow and touching every finishing carefully. It’s really worth it. Not only did Jerry gave us a good quote, he also gave us a lot of advises which prevented us from spending unnecessarily!

It’s really our dream home and wouldn’t have achieved it without him. I will definitely recommend him.

Thanks, Jerry!