We decided to engage Xavier’s service after many considerations. What Xavier impressed us the most was his simple approach to the layout design of our flat given the various requirements which we had, eg. maximising natural light, create an extra room and provide a clear division between the wet and dry kitchens. To top it off, there was also an odd corner which we have wanted to utilise as functionally as possible and which has proven to be quite a challenge for many other IDs. In the end, his layout design solution met all of our requirements while still maintaining a logical and sensible layout flow. His layout design also required minimum hacking, which is a great bonus. 

Working with Xavier has been a breeze. Besides responding to our various concerns promptly, sometimes even at late hours, he would personally meet with us to explain the various aspects of the renovation. Any concerns that we had, especially during the renovation, were addressed immediately. We valued his insights very much, from the selection of the laminates to the color and style of our furnitures which can match the overall design and style concept of our home. He would also follow-up with us long after the renovation has completed and his after sales service is superb.

His team of contractors were also very professional and the work done was of high quality and completed as per schedule.

Thanks, Xavier, for a job well done!