I would like to commend that Jesse did an excellent job in designing my apartment. As a designer, she is well versed in her technical knowledge and has a great sense of aesthetics. Jesse offered great design ideas, and also took into consideration my preferences and requirements. It also helped that Jesse offered sound advise so that the living space became one that is both pleasing and functional.

I would also like to thank Jesse’s team of Carpenters and Electricians. The quality and workmanship of the carpentry and electrical works are reflective of skilled craftsmen who are passionate about what they do overall, the project was well coordinated and was generally smooth. Jess was quick to attend to some minor fixes which were readily resolved.

The design and finishes create a warm and cosy ambience that is more than what I have expected. My apartment has now become a place of relaxation, rejuvenation and inspiration. Indeed, a good design can create a welcoming house that will accompany you for years. Thank you Weiken.com Design (Jesse) for creating mine.