Engaged Swiss Interior after reading so many positive reviews, I was not disappointed and was thoroughly pleased with my selection. My ID, Kerbe and Alex have been very professional and supportive during this whole renovation journey. Special thanks to Kerbe for his professionalism and dedication, he has been very easy to work with, super responsive and true to his words and commitments. Any hiccups which is part and parcel of renovation were addressed promptly and responsibly. They have been honest with the costings and VOs, went into great length to explain the charges and to work on the best and most economical solutions for me, ensuring that my reno budget remains well within limit and expectations. They were always available for discussion and gave a thorough progress update on the project. The renovation was completed and handed over within the agreed schedule and this is especially impressive and noteworthy given the manpower crunch due to Covid. I heard so many horror stories from other renovation projects with months of delay from friends and furniture shops, glad that I am not one of the victims. You can count on them to deliver on their promises of quality workmanship, on-time completion, honest and transparent costing. I strongly recommend would be home buyers to engage Swiss Interior, takes your worries away and absolutely dependable.