I want to thank my ID Benjamin Tay (Ben) for completing my home reno proper. I was a noob to home reno. I started sourcing for an ID firm as early as Jan 2017 through my intended plan was to start in aug; even then, Ben was approachable and provide useful info and sound advice to help me in my design considerations.

I saw his sincerity as Ben continued to follow up in the following months to see if he has addressed my concerns and ready to engage his service. He also proposed some alternatives to work within my budget. I appreciate that there were no unpleasant surprises in terms of cost throughout his services. He was personally involved and present to ensure work is done according to requirements. When thing went wrong, he took responsibility to ensure it gets fixed quickly and properly. E.g.. the wiring points, the flooring. He reminded me of things that need to be prepared and arranged so that plan will work out smoothly. Work was carried out systematically. Although I need to ask at time abt the progress, Ben was able to respond quickly and send photo updates on work progress.

My 3 room hdb resale started renovation in Sept 2018 till 2nd week of Nov due to delay in carpentry prep. I am dissatisfied with the workmanship on the carpentry works in my kitchen where several patchworks were done on multiple trips. My feedback to Ben was noted but was informed that it was ID Inspire management’s decision that I couldn’t get any compensation for the quality and service I received.

Despite of the unhappy experience in their carpentry, my overall satisfaction level with Ben’s service is high because I felt that he is handled the project professionally and proficient in getting the work done and constantly being thoughtful, thinking from his client need and perspective so that what was done will be practical and usable by whoever living in the place. He even offered to help oversee some setup/installation/delivery of goods ordered out of goodwill.