We met Zhi Wei from Hygge Design in 2019. At that time, my fiancee and I had not gotten a house yet and nothing was in the plan. We merely approach Zhi Wei for a rough quotation back then to plan our finances. However, to my surprise, Zhi Wei was very responsive to follow up with us about 6 months down the road. We were simply very impressed by how honest and non-pushy she was.

After looking through at multiple IDs, we decided to go with Zhi Wei because she was very sincere and honest about everything. Everything was very smooth from the planning, 3D rendering, renovation and till the handover. Zhi Wei is meticulous is what she does and she never failed to give us a variety of options. The cost was a big thing for my fiancee and I, Zhi Wei was always willing to go out of her way to help us. Besides all that, Zhi Wei is always punctual for meetings and has never oversold any ideas/materials to us.

After hearing so many hell stories from other people about engaging IDs, Zhi Wei is definitely on the other spectrum of it. It was a breeze to work with her and eventually designed the house design that we wanted. Thank you so much for such a smooth delivery of the project. Whenever we step into our house, we will always remember you!