The epitome of KINDNESS

A catchy title? This is used to describe a person, one whom someone will seldom encounter in the renovation industry. A trait seldom seen, seldom experienced until I personally got to savour this wonder of the treacherous and hideous interior design world.

From an acquaintance to a friend, to a buddy for life. Umpteen conversations in WhatsApp until the wee hours of the night, discussions on appliances/products/design and mind you, he’s not my appointed interior designer. But he gave his everything to ensure that I had a nice and cosy FIRST home!

Keys collection! For a greenhorn, I was excited and didn’t know what was next! There came the angel! he did a full inspection for me out of goodwill with his exceptionally stingy pair of eyes.

Lets cut the reno journey short, from all the hiccups and disappointment, he was always there be it WhatsApp or personally. Even down to the selection of flower pots, he made an additional effort to get it for me and the many many things he did to make my first home a wonderful one.

While relaxing by the window in my newly renovated home glazing up into the already dark sky, I will remember him when I see the STARS! Thanks, buddy, for making this happen and rest assured you will be reciprocated with ur acts of kindness.

Note: Some people may ponder, is it this advertising gimmick? Or promotional drive to up sales? A lot of things can be bought with money but a splendid renovation experience can never be bought with money.