Liyin and myself (Malcolm) would like to take this opportunity to extend our eternal gratitude to our FineLine Interior Designer, Serene. The process of purchasing and designing a first-time home is never easy, especially when you read about the numerous horror stories of Singaporean designers who “never delivered”. However, we were unbelievably fortunate to have been able to speak with and work together with Serene. From the idea formulation process to the actual delivery of our house design, she was always meticulous and responsible. To be able to entrust Serene with the entire process, gave us a peace of mind which we never thought possible. I would highly recommend Serene as an ID to any homeowner. Apart from her attention to detail, she also displayed excellent communication skills throughout our time working together. This allowed the entire project to move along smoothly and delivered promptly, and even the occasional “hiccups” were handled amicably and professionally. Thank you Fineline, and Serene! All the best for 2019.