Hi all so sorry I really can’t resist myself to put in some words on this team esp. Mr Sam
Me and my Wife have been sourcing for someone to help on our minor renno for our kitchen and had went couple of so call designer,
Finally we select the mind design reason been is, helpful,attitude,responsibility and mindful with ideas.
Below are some commitment or so call Service which I salute to them.
1pm call up Sam to fix on first appointment.
4pm first meet up at our house.
10am visit showroom with all quotation ready and sample present by Mr Sam.
12pm sign agreement with commence date written to start immediately and completion deadline before new year eve which fall 26/1/2017.
6pm Sam what Apps on meeting agenda for next day.
10am Mr sam reach our house to have a brief of what will he do later with all his man and seeking us for any changes which we need.
1030am His hacking team came dismantle all debris with proper protection throughout in our living room. Safety or precaution briefing was been given from Mr sam to this team.
11am Mr Sam rode with me and my Wife to select tile at his supplier and throughout advice was given from him on anti slip , future Maintenece and Color matching.
12pm mr sam brought us to Teka kitchen at UE Sq
230pm reach home for for meeting with his electrician and carpentry and final advice was given to his team on completion before this new year.
Overall what we can say is this team is incredible.throughout I don t hear or see any nasty argument on why given short notice or madness owner for rushing this small renno job at this period. Well trust me NOT All are willing to sign with you at this moment and especially such small project.
Mr Sam have a character on himself which his giving out all his way to assist and all times and his leadership and team building can be seen today

Thank you very much for your help
Thumb ups and sorry can only offer some Kway Teow for simple lunch at 3pm