We would like to thank Gilbert (IMM branch) for handling our very first house renovation. Gilbert was very friendly and welcoming from the very get-go. He was the 4th ID that we consulted and was the easiest to click with.

During the first consult, he listened very attentively to our ideas and instantly knew the theme that we were going for. As we are a young couple, we were tight on our budget. But somehow, he managed to keep costs low. Something which we were very grateful for. Then comes the renovation period. He was extremely accommodating and patient with us. As we were first-time house owners, there were many technical things that we did not understand. We often had to ask him many silly questions and he will always reply promptly. He would always make the effort to explained to us in simple layman terms and never once sounded angry/irritated with us.

Though there were some minor hiccups along the way and delay in completion. We were overall very satisfied with the end product. Thank you so much again! Recommend ++.