We were recommended to work with Clyde of I-Chapter by a friend of mine and I have to say that I am definitely recommending him to others in the future.

Both my wife and I are in agreement that the whole renovation process could not have been any better without his help. While it was definitely not all roses and sunshine, Clyde was invaluable in helping to plan and facilitate the process. From the get-go, we did not feel any pressure or even an inkling of the aggressive sales tactics that were rampant in more than half of the other companies we visited. In addition to being very upfront and transparent about the costs and process, he was also very receptive to our ideas, helping us make objective and insightful considerations in achieving our desired design.

During both the planning and the actual renovation itself, he showed initiative – meeting and briefing us on the estimated schedule, setting expectations, and a very important quality I appreciate was that whatever he did not know, he owned it and did not try to smoke us, usually saying he would check and get back to us as soon as he could without us prompting him later. Moreover, he was also very responsive – typically replying us within the same day if not sooner. He also made us feel very comfortable to approach him with any concerns that we may have, appearing to approach each of our queries seriously, doing some form of research before meeting up, and overall demonstrating a strong sense of ownership in the project, which was highly reassuring. Even after moving in any minor issues, we brought up were immediately rectified without hassle. 10/10 would recommend.