We actually got few quotation and design ideas from different ID firm, but end up we choosing Weiken because Denise impressed me and giving me a “WOW” feeling on her ideas. We have a small and odd layout for my master bedroom. Every day, I and my wife keep thinking and brainstorming, but still “zero outcomes” at the end. Until we met Denise and she solved our problem immediately. She scaled up our master bedroom dimension to double. We are surprised that after renovated, our master bedroom and bathroom just like a hotel. I can’t imagine, HDB can become condo feel.

The quotation is detailed and itemized clearly, no hidden cost at all. She will keep her promise and turned to reality. She is good at choosing the colour on the wall, curtain, furniture and electrical appliances in order to meet the outhouse theme. She is kind, details person and responsible ID, giving us some tips and good suggestion to help us save a lot of money. During the renovation, there are minor issues here and there, but Denise will call the contractor to rectify the problem immediately. She is also understanding and patient ID, she listened to my last minute changes and make it happen. She coordinated with all the different groups of her contractor very well and to ensure to meet to our arranged schedule.

Denise always kept us updated the work progress through WhatsApp with the picture. Actually, you can just leave your unit to her and she will settle everything for you. The whole renovation process was hassle-free.

We are extremely satisfied with all renovation works done by Weiken team and contractor engaged by Weiken. They are a responsible contractor, friendly and polite. We are lucky to know Denise and I highly recommend her to anyone else who is looking for the right ID.