As with all renovation journey, there are bounds to be hiccups along the way even with the most perfect plan. Our renovation project was made even more daunting as our house was burnt by an accidental fire, leaving major parts of the house contaminated with soot.

Luckily, we met Dave, our ID in-charge of our home renovation. Dave was very sincere in meeting us and was very prompt is offering his advice whenever there was an issue. Being also equipped with the right experiences of handling such cases (a home that’s damaged by fire), he pointed us into the right direction of how the renovation should be and ensures that renovation progresses smoothly.

The eventual result was a new home that not only meets our requirements but also offers a homely feeling that comforts people whenever they enter our home. In addition, from my experience working with Dave, he also tries to add a personal touch during the whole engagement such as going the extra mile to help us or helping to buy some Feng Shui item to enhance the home.

Overall, a very satisfying experience. Highly recommend engaging Dave if there are difficult renovation project that you may have.

Thank you, Dave and your crew for the professional work done and personal effort towards making our home stay-able again.