Kevin from 13th design studio is a great, responsible and reliable interior designer. As we have a design/creative background, aesthetics was everything. There were a couple of ID companies we’ve seen that couldn’t live up to that. We are glad we’ve chosen Kevin for our home.

The mood ref that we wanted to be was pretty much carved to stone, he was patient and worked with us as we were pretty anal with the choices of design that goes into our home. He excellently brought that dream home into a reality to us. A dream come true!

ID nightmare is stories we often hear. And Kevin is definitely not anywhere near that. It was a fun and exciting experience seeing our place crafted till completion, there was brilliant chemistry throughout the way in understanding what we wanted. Stress and worry-free. All in all, fantastic and great satisfaction. Seriously, just look for Kevin 13th Design Studio if you want your place done up.✌️