I have no experience in housing renovation as my first and previous was done 17 years ago. Most of my friends also do not have a good contractor in their past experience, therefore I do not get any reference from them. Fortunately, I found this website that cater for people like me, to help in generating choices of renovation companies. Thru this portal, I managed to receive many calls, sms and email from difference company. This give me a chance to update myself in the cost and difference way / method of doing the house. Coming for choices in renovation contractor, I rely mostly on my feel and comfort towards the Company or Person I talk to. Sincerity and honesty are on my top list. Therefore, this shorten my decision to confirm Design 4 Space – Mr Zacky Tay ( I address him as Zack) as my final choice. My house renovation is not easy for me. Not because the renovation is very complex, but it’s because I am still staying within the house (6 members) during the renovation period. We did the whole house except the kitchen, master bedroom and 2 toilets. My contractor: Zack is a very patience person. He had given me many advise and also provide me helps beyond his job scope too. Zack gave me a lot of choices and time, he is always fast in his revise quotation, layout plan and design too Zack coordinate his work very well, we managed to follow thru the tight schedule and I would say, the renovation is a smooth one. I will recommend Zack to all my friends.