Disclaimer: The owner of EBrickz is my ex-colleague in a semiconductor company 22 years ago.

My review is based solely on the level of professional services provided by EBrickz, not on the relationship.  This was 1 of the conditions we agreed before I engaged EBrickz. The other is that I will write an honest review of EBrickz’s services.

The job is difficult because we were doing it in the midst of the HIP upgrade for my 2 toilets. So I had decided before the HIP that I will refresh the kitchen as well. Another issue is that I have a strict budget for the reno. All the reno companies (including Blum certified) that quoted us exceeded my budget.

Truth be told, my friend’s company came in the lowest, partly because I would use their tiles left over from an industrial project (my suggestion). Mind you, I am using full 15 feet of BLUM URBAN Kitchen system (TandemBox Tip-on), top and bottom, 12 feet of Dekton by Consentino kitchen top, Hafele basin and tap, so I am not compromising on quality materials here.

After the HDB contractor had finished with my 2 toilets, Ebrickz were quick to retile the kitchen, lay new electrical, water and gas works. Then the real work on the kitchen cabinet start. The installation process was not 100% smooth sailing but all had been made good by Ebickz without a fuss.

To me, the sign of a good contractor is not just workmanship, is how they handle the project. I have the good pleasure of working with contractors in my line of work and I can tell you the worst is those who go ghost mode when the heat is on but I am glad Ebrickz is not one of those.

Of course, I am also a very reasonable customer who likes to work with the contractor as well.

Anyway, the job is done regardless, not within the estimated delivery time (partially my fault too) and results speak for itself.

Thank you Ebrickz!