The entire renovation experience with Irvin Mun from FSI was one that went beyond our expectations. This is the second time I’m going through a renovation and to be very honest I wasn’t looking forward to it due to the less than desirable experience I had the last time I did my renovation. Having gone through one previous renovation with another interior design firm and the lack of responsiveness I experienced, Irvin totally changed my perception.

Irvin is super responsive and responsible beyond words. She handled the entire project as if it was her own house that she is renovating. She was at the site almost every other day to make sure the works went on smoothly and provided us with updates on the progress of the renovation.

We had to go through a few major changes and Irvin was very patient and tried as much as possible to accommodate these changes. But having said that, she is also not afraid to stand by her views when she feels that some ideas that we proposed are not feasible or are aesthetically not pleasing and not able to blend into our overall theme. Even after handing over the house, she continues to maintain contact and as we went around looking for accessories to beautify the house, she also readily offers her professional advice via WhatsApp.

I can see Irvin’s passion in this industry and her professionalism. It has really been our blessing to have met her and entrusted our renovation works to FSI and more importantly to Irvin. Thank you for the great job done!