We had our renovation with Inside Living completed in May 2011 which was near the date of our wedding in that year, so it has been about 3.5 years since then. It is our first home after getting married and it has since been a very enjoyable place to stay in and decorate. From the start, the working experience with Jessie in the design review and discussions were enjoyable. The patient and flexible approach was appreciated. Since the time of renovation, the overall quality of workmanship has been very good, with no major problems at all. So far, I have just had to replace fused light bulbs (or install the new energy-saving types), install new bidet spray head, oil window hinges, etc. ie. the usual wear/tear issues. The parquet flooring installation in the bedrooms make them feel very comfortable to be in and zero issues with cleaning. On hindsight, I would have liked to do even more renovation work with them! [The limiting factor was budget at the time, which had to be followed closely as with many others who plan weddings will understand.] 

Because almost all the walls, doors and ceilings are white, it is likely a new coat of paint be applied maybe in two year’s time to freshen up the place. For the feature brick wall which dominates the living room tv side, every guest is impressed with it and often ask if the bricks are real (actually brick tiles). There has been numerous friends who are then inspired to follow or consider following this type of design style. The wall also exhibits a special homely feeling with the textured surface, as we use mainly warm lighting at home. The Lighting proposal is excellent as we can use different combinations of our own standing lights together with the cove lighting and dining pendant light. Overall, the spacious feel the renovation has achieved lets us install a Christmas tree at the end of the year and we even put it at different corners of the living room each time.